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Side Model Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine XT-8027 XT-8027 Side Type

Item Code:XT-8027 Side Type Features:
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Semi-auto/automatic strapping machine

•  New structure design to side strap.

•  Easy to operate. Worktable can be adjusted according to work requirements.

•  High environment adaptability: Can be used under low temperature. Widely used in living and fresh, marine lives and freeze etc.

•  Single man can strap all kinds of package.

It can be used with production line


Power supply:220V/110V/1-phase
Maxi shrinking force:60KG
PP tape width: 6-15mm
Min srapping article:60mm
Max strapping article:NO limit
Strapping speed:1.5second/strap
PP tape paper core:¡é200mm

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