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Side-belt Automaic Carton Sealer Machine 3A MH-FJ-3A

Item Code:MH-FJ-3A Features:
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a. Adjust the height and width with the height adjustment handle and width adjustment handle. Then switch on the power and the power indicator is alight. Next turn the emergency stop button 2 on the control panel in the arrow direction.
b. Press start button 3 and put on the carton manually. The pendulum automatically fold the cover and the side drive device drive the carton forward until it reaches the cassette mechanism position, the machine seal the carton.

Characteristic and strong point:

a. Driven by left and right belt at the bottom.
b. Automatically adjust the sealing height and width & fold the cover.

Power: 1φ110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz 400W
Carton size: L(127-700)×W(127-480)×H(127-480)mm3
Work speed: 12cartons/min
Tape material: Kraft or BOPP
Tape size: 48-72mm
Machine size: L(1850)×W(988)×H(1370)mm3
Packing size (Normal): L(2000)×W(1050)×H(1570)mm3
Net weight: 300Kg
Gross weight (Normal): 360Kg
Gross weight (Disassembly): 345Kg

Extension roller table: L(500)

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