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Rivet Shelving R-S

  • Rivet Shelving
  • Rivet Shelving
  • Rivet Shelving
  • Rivet Shelving
  • Rivet Shelving
Item Code:R-S Features:Rivet shelving is ideal for easy access on all sides with no braces to get in the way. For ideal storage of all package types and supplies, use rivet shelves. We have new and used rivet shelving for warehouse storage. A rivet shelf comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate a wide range of loads. Rivet shelving keeps storage within easy reach for maximum organization
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Simple in structure, beautiful in appearance, without any bolt, easy in assembly and disassembly and be able to adjust the section space as your wishes.

Single rivet shelving is engineered to provide safe, economical storage of virtually any kind of hand loaded material. Starter and add-on units combine to form economical rows of shelving.

Rigid, boltless connection between beams and posts. Top and bottom shelves are double rivet and assemble easily without  tools. Common tee post between units assures additional rigidity. Easy access to contents from all sides. Braces are not necessary. Shelves adjust on 1-1/2" centers. Particleboard decking sold separately. Optional heavy single rivet beams available.

Double rivet shelving units:
Speedy-built bulky shelving is designed to provide an economical solution for the storage of retail, wholesale or industrial goods. Installation can be done without special tools in a minimum amount of time. All steel parts are finished in attractive light putty baked enamel.

Angle Posts Thickness(mm) Weight(kg)
Regular duty 1 1/2" x 1 1/2"    
P24" 1.8mm 0.514kgs
P30" 1.8mm 0.643kgs
P36" 1.8mm 0.77kgs
P48" 1.8mm 1.027kgs
P60" 1.8mm 1.292kgs
P72" 1.8mm 1.593kgs
P84" 1.8mm 1.795kgs
P96" 1.8mm 2.055kgs
P108" 1.8mm 2.299kgs
P120" 1.8mm 2.623kgs
P144" 1.8mm 3.082kgs
P156" 1.8mm 3.339kgs
P24" 1.9mm 0.542kgs
P30" 1.9mm 0.678kgs
P36" 1.9mm 0.812kgs
P48" 1.9mm 1.084kgs
P60" 1.9mm 1.363kgs
P72" 1.9mm 1.624kgs
P84" 1.9mm 1.895kgs
P96" 1.9mm 2.169kgs
P108" 1.9mm 2.426kgs
P120" 1.9mm 2.768kgs
P144" 1.9mm 3.253kgs
P156" 1.9mm 3.524kgs
Heavy duty 1 7/8" x 1 7/8"    
HP84" 1.8mm 2.459kgs
HP96" 1.8mm 2.809kgs
HP120" 1.8mm 3.511kgs
HP144" 1.8mm 4.214kgs
HP168" 1.8mm 4.916kgs
HP180" 1.8mm 5.267kgs
HP192" 1.8mm 5.618kgs
HP216" 1.8mm 6.32kgs
HP84" 1.9mm 2.595kgs
HP96" 1.9mm 2.966kgs
HP120" 1.9mm 3.707kgs
HP144" 1.9mm 4.449kgs
HP168" 1.9mm 5.19kgs
HP180" 1.9mm 5.56kgs
HP192" 1.9mm 5.93kgs
HP216" 1.9mm 6.672kgs

Rivet Beams Thickness(mm) Weight(kg)
Double Rivet Beams (2 3/8" height)    
DR12" 1.5mm 0.304kgs
DR15" 1.5mm 0.381kgs
DR18" 1.5mm 0.457kgs
DR24" 1.5mm 0.61kgs
DR30" 1.5mm 0.762kgs
DR36" 1.5mm 0.914kgs
DR42" 1.5mm 1.066kgs
DR48" 1.5mm 1.214kgs
DR60" 1.5mm 1.845kgs
DR69" 1.5mm 2.101kgs
DR72" 1.5mm 2.192kgs
DR96" 1.5mm 2.925kgs
DR12" 1.9mm 0.385kgs
DR15" 1.9mm 0.483kgs
DR18" 1.9mm 0.578kgs
DR24" 1.9mm 0.773kgs
DR30" 1.9mm 0.965kgs
DR36" 1.9mm 1.158kgs
DR42" 1.9mm 1.351kgs
DR48" 1.9mm 1.538kgs
DR60" 1.9mm 1.948kgs
DR69" 1.9mm 2.217kgs
DR72" 1.9mm 2.313kgs
DR96" 1.9mm 3.087kgs
Single Rivet Beams 1" height    
SR12" 1.8mm 0.196kgs
SR15" 1.8mm 0.251kgs
SR18" 1.8mm 0.296kgs
SR24" 1.8mm 0.396kgs
SR30" 1.8mm 0.496kgs
SR36" 1.8mm 0.595kgs
SR42" 1.8mm 0.699kgs
SR48" 1.8mm 0.789kgs
SR12" 1.9mm 0.207kgs
SR15" 1.9mm 0.264kgs
SR18" 1.9mm 0.312kgs
SR24" 1.9mm 0.418kgs
SR30" 1.9mm 0.523kgs
SR36" 1.9mm 0.628kgs
SR42" 1.9mm 0.738kgs
SR48" 1.9mm 0.833kgs
SR36" 3mm 1.07kgs
SR48" 3mm 1.436kgs
SR60" 3mm 1.795kgs
Double Rivet Channel    
2 3/8" height    
DC72" 1.8mm 2.623kgs
DC96" 1.8mm 3.498kgs
DC72" 1.9mm 2.768kgs
DC96" 1.9mm 3.692kgs
2 1/2" height    
DCH72" 3mm 4.363kgs
DCH96" 3mm 5.829kgs

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