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Pallet strapping machine XT-8026 XT-8026 Side Type

  • Pallet strapping machine XT-8026
  • Pallet strapping machine XT-8026
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Pallet strapping machine,palletizing strapping machine

--Applicable large and heavy things.
--Strap at quick speed and with high efficiency.Only takes 1.5 seconds for strapping one polypropylene strap.
--Instant-heating systems,low voltage of 1v,high safety,and will be in best strapping state in 5 seconds affer you start the machine.
--Automaic stopping devices,save electricity and make it practical.The machine will automatically --stop and be in standby state when you don't operate it beyond 60 seconds.
--Electromagnetic cluth ,quick and smooth,Coupled-axle transmission,quick speed,low noise,low wear and tear,and low breakdown rate.

Model XT-8026
Power supply:220V/110V/1-phase
Maxi shrinking force:60KG
PP tape width: 6-15mm
Min srapping article:60mm
Max strapping article:NO limit
Strapping speed:1.5second/strap
PP tape paper core:200mm

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