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Mobile Shelving M-S

  • Mobile Shelving
  • Mobile Shelving
  • Mobile Shelving
Item Code:M-S Features:Save 50% of your space or double your storage capacity: Shelving mounted on moveable carriages, which ride on a sturdy leveled rail system. With mobile shelving, an aisle can be opened up when and where it is needed. Carriages are moved electronically, manually or with mechanical assistance. The newly created aisle allows access to the stored media. Mobile aisle systems can effectively double the filing density within an existing area or reduce required floor space by up to 50%. Systems can be adapted to most any type of shelving to store virtually anything.
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Mobile shelving (or roller racks) can solve storage and space problems in offices, warehouses, stock rooms, factories and even hospitals / medical practices.
Mobile Shelving can be:
Mechanically assisted by means of multi ratio geared hand wheels used to drive the chains and wheels in the bases along the floor mounted tracks.
Electrically powered by means of a push button to automatically turn the gears in the rack ends which in turn drive the chains and wheels in the bases along the floor mounted tracks.
Mobile Shelving uses:
The most common use of mobile shelving is for the long term storage of archive records / documents / boxes.
However they can also be used for:
  • Everyday storage of consumables, files and documentation
  • Storage of long or bulky items on Longspan type racking.
  • And even for storage of heavy palletised goods on Pallet Racking up to 6m high, when it is usually computer controlled and accessed by forklifts use.

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