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Mechanical Dockleveler MDL

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With their extension-spring counter-balance systems, rugged, versatile Sunshine Mechanical Docklevelers minimize the need for manual lifting for easy operation, making them ideal for a variety of loading dock application.

Sunshine Mechanical Docklevelers feature a consistent, reliable lip crown from the rear hinge to the front hinge. Sunshine docklevelers also provide the smoothest transitions between dockleveler and trailer to help prevent injuries and minimize fork truck and product damage-reagardless of height differential between leveler and trailer.

Materials & Finish
The deck is made of anti-slip checker plate and reinforced on the underside using steel profiles. 
The lip, which is also made of anti-slip checker plate, is connected to the deck across its full 
width by a pivot arrangement.  As standard, all fabricated steel components are blasted, primered 
and then painted in RAL 5010(blue)


The mechanical dockleveler is built up of the following components:
1. Platform Assembly
Platform to be constructed of unitized, robotically welded high tensile steel safety tread deck plate. Exclusive “I” beam deck supports optimize twist resistance and stress distribution. Deck to be on 8-15Tons static capacities; on 5– 10Tons dynamic capacities.
2. Lip Assembly
Lip to be 5/8”(16mm) thick, 153/4” (400mm)length. Self-cleaning lug-style lip hinge. All units to be 16” high tensile steel safety tread lip plate with chamfered leading edge. Lip rod to be a minimum of 1” solid steel on all capacities.
3. Lip Extension
Lip assist mechanism provides gentle lip activation and reduced walk-down loads.
4. Counterbalance
Oil-tempered chromium silicon steel extension spring counterbalance with single adjustment point for high strength, durability, and easy walk-down.
5. Open Subframe structure
All Sunshine docklevelers are built with an open frame design to provide easy access to the pit floor for routine cleaning and scheduled maintenance.
6. Safety Legs
Automatic 60,000 lbs.(28tons)structural dock level support legs. Drop tested to the full rated capacity of the dock leveler.
7. Toe Guard Protection
Full operating range toe guards with two galvanized sliding guards (yellow OSHA required markings) provided on the sides of the dock leveler.
8. Integral Support Strut
A permanently mounted support strut and lip lock are provided to support the lip and leveler during routine maintenance and pit cleaning.
9. Below-dock Control (Endloading)
Sunshine’s airdefense system allows for lowering of leveler without extending lip.
10. Bumpers
Unit to include two heavy-duty dock bumpers model B300-250F, 10” x 12”(250mm x 300mm).
The platform is raised when the dock attendant activates the release-chain release assembly, located at the rear of the platform. The hinged lip fully extends during upward travel. The attendant walks the platform down onto the truck bed.
Operating range is 12” above and 12” below dock level(+/-300). The standard 16”(400mm) lip extends 11” (280mm) beyond the standard 4”(100mm) bumper.


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Air-powered Dockleveler
The Dockleveler from Sunshine creat a new category in the dock industry:air-powered. No other dockleveler offers the convenience of push-button operation at the cost of a mechanical dockleveler. Air-powered dockleveler features safe, strong, reliable operation with the added benefits of ergonomically improved design and reduced maintenance costs. Air-powered Dockleveler utilizes a high-volume, low-pressure airbag lifting system. A push of the button activates the fan motor which inflates the tough, reinforced polyvinglchloride-coated airbag, raising the deck. A simple design and few moving parts minimize maintenance. Performance advantages result in reduced operating costs and greater dock productivity and safety.