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Longspan Shelving L-S

  • Longspan Shelving
  • Longspan Shelving
  • Longspan Shelving
  • Longspan Shelving
  • Longspan Shelving
  • Longspan Shelving
  • Longspan Shelving
  • Longspan Shelving
  • Longspan Shelving
  • Longspan Shelving
Item Code:L-S Features:Our medium duty shelving system is very versatile, allowing you to construct shelving to any configuration you may require. Whether it's commercial, industrial or retail storage, there is no end to its application. Longspan offers a clean modern looking product which is reliable, efficient and easy to assemble.
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Longspan is a strong, durable, versatile and economical shelving system that looks good and minimises lost space from uprights making it ideal for a wide variety of applications from archives to automotive, factories, warehouses, retail, wholesale and commercial.

1. High density storage of small items
2. Storage of large, heavy and bulky items
3. Storage of long, odd-shaped or awkward items

Longspan has fully adjustable shelf heights, long spans. It is suitable for everything from small parts through to long, heavy or bulky goods. And because it uses a modular design

And bolt-free lock-in system requiring no special tools, it is installed in minutes.

Longspan versatility gives one system for a diversity of needs:
Multi-Tier maximises storage capacity of small to medium items

Longspan incorporates a wide range of beams and frames making it easy to customise to precise storage needs. Different bay lengths can be combined to store a wide range of items while purpose designed accessories extend versatility even further.

1. The range of beams and frames make it easy to customize structures to specific requirements and building dimensions.
2. Combines high density storage with the flexibility to adapt to changing needs and changing product lines.
3. Steel, timber or wire shelves that can be loaded from both sides.


Z-Beam Loading Capacity 
Code Section size Length (mm)
800 1000 1200 1500 1800 2000 2300 2500 2700
ZBL0576/45 Z60*40*1.5 1000kgs 850kgs 700kgs 540kgs 375kgs 300kgs 230kgs 200kgs 170kgs
ZBL0577/45 Z70*40*1.5 1000kgs 1000kgs 850kgs 770kgs 550kgs 430kgs 330kgs 270kgs 250kgs
ZBL0578/45 Z80*40*1.5 1000kgs 1000kgs 1000kgs 900kgs 780kgs 630kgs 480kgs 425kgs 360kgs
ZBL0578/40 Z80*40*2.0 1000kgs 1000kgs 1000kgs 1000kgs 900kgs 830kgs 640kgs 540kgs 460kgs


Step Beam Loading Capacity 
Type  Description Length mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
  1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200 2400 2500 2600 2700
P60*40*30*20*1.2mm 800kgs 580kgs 445kgs 350kgs 285kgs 235kgs 200kgs      
P60*40*30*20*1.5mm 1000kgs 800kgs 615kgs 485kgs 395kgs 340kgs 290kgs 270kgs    
P60*40*30*20*1.8mm 1000kgs 940kgs 725kgs 570kgs 465kgs 400kgs 345kgs 320kgs 295kgs 275kgs
P80*50*30*25*1.5mm 1000kgs 1000kgs 1000kgs 1000kgs 1000kgs 960kgs 800kgs 735kgs 680kgs 630kgs
P80*50*30*25*2.0mm 1000kgs 1000kgs 1000kgs 1000kgs 1000kgs 1000kgs 920kgs 850kgs 780kgs 725kgs

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