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High-speed roll-up door

  • High-speed roll-up door
  • High-speed roll-up door
Item Code: Features:Sunshine high-speed roll-up dooris an electrically driven rapid roll door. These doors are used in industrial buildings and public utilities. They reduce energy bills, keep out draughts and contribute to optimum climate control.
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Technical Specification:
Brace:The sections are fitted with aluminum strengthening braces.
Curtain:The door curtain employs high-density industrial material, whose thickness if 0.8-1.2mm and there are colors of yellow, blue, orange and transparent for choice.
Transparent curtain:The door curtain features a vision section made of transparent plastic with thickness of 1.5mm and rectangle/oval shape.
Safety:As standard, a safety photocell and reflector are fitted to the lateral guide profiles. If the beam is broken, the door will not close.
Seals: The lateral guide profile consists of two sendzimir-galvanised steel pressings fitted with brush seals.
Wind resistance coefficient: It of rapid roll-up door is 12kg/m; it of rapid stack-up door is 60kg/m.
Option:Infrared system; magnetic induction system; radar induction system; remote control; windows; safety airbag;anti-strike post; frequency inverter system; signal lamp; etc.
Driven Roller:The horizontal top roller is made of aluminum alloy and it could prevent the bend the deformation so as to assure the safe operation. 
Crash Proof:Door curtain is self-repairing after collision with the device, which eliminate the costly maintenance payout.
Frequency: 120 times per hour, twice per minute.


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