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Cantilever Pallet Stretch Wrapper 2300 MH-FG-2300

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Turn on the power;
Choose job mode on the screen controller (Manual or Auto);
Pull out suitable film, twist onto the enwinded object;
Hit⑤turn the cantilever arm;
Push⑨to rise and push ③ to down; (Manual)
Push button 0 to start; (Auto);

Cut the film when wrapping finish.
Characteristic and
strong point:

*Adopting programmable control (PLC) and screen controller
* Equipped with a photoelectric detector, automatically testing the goods height and controlling the travel limit.
* Rotary table can reset automatically

   * Pre-stretch unit (Option)
Electricity: C220V,1ø /380V,3 ø, 50HZ
Power: 2KW
Speed of cantilever arm: 0-20r/min
Machine dimensions: L(3000~4000)×W(1000~1500)×H(2800~3500)mm
Wrapping size: Package diagonal: Max: 2000mm   Length: Max.2000mm
Machine weight: 1400kg
Gross weight: 1600kg
Machine color: Machine color: Blue/Yellow or Gray/Blue (Custom-made color is available)
Packing size: L3200×W 1100×H 1500mm

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