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Boltless Rivet Shelving BRS

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Boltless Rivet Shelving

Shelves can be adjusted every 1-1/2 inches
Sturdy industrial strength steel construction
Tough powder-coat finish resists rust and scratches
Stainless Steel (304) main used for Supermarket, Hospital, and Restaurant
Bolt-free design assembles in minutes
Each shelf holds up to 200Kgs per level (evenly distributed non-seismic capacity)

Angle Post : 38x38x0.91mm (Up to 1.5mm thickness) Double Bending (Very Strong)
Z Beam : 55x1.2mm (Double Rivet)
Plywood Panel (Plastic full sides coated) 16mm thickness
Flakeboard (Plastic full sides coated) 16mm thickness
Metal Shelving Panel 1mm with and without supports


Sizes :    
3 Levels 5 Levels Trolley
H36"xW18"xD18" H72"xW18"xD18" H36"xW18"xD18"
H36"xW36"xD12" H72"xW36"xD12" H36"xW24"xD18"
H36"xW36"xD15" H72"xW36"xD15" H36"xW24"xD24"
H36"xW36"xD18" H72"xW36"xD18" H36"xW30"xD18"
H36"xW36"xD24" H72"xW36"xD24" H36"xW30"xD24"
H36"xW36"xD30" H72"xW36"xD30"  
H36"xW42"xD12" H72"xW42"xD12"  
H36"xW42"xD15" H72"xW42"xD15"  
H36"xW42"xD18" H72"xW42"xD18"  
H36"xW42"xD24" H72"xW42"xD24"  
H36"xW42"xD30" H72"xW42"xD30"  
H36"xW48"xD12" H72"xW48"xD12"  
H36"xW48"xD15" H72"xW48"xD15"  
H36"xW48"xD18" H72"xW48"xD18"  
H36"xW48"xD24" H72"xW48"xD24"  
H36"xW48"xD30" H72"xW48"xD30"  

Accessories :

1. Caster for Trolley : diameter 74.3mm, with brake, 600kgs capacity
2. Wiremesh Front for Trolley : 90mm high, 18"/24"/30"
3. Post Cap
4. Post Insert for connection

Packing: colour box for OEM design, or standard ocean packing

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