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Automatic Carton sealer Machine 1A MH-FJ-1A

Item Code:MH-FJ-1A Features:
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a. Switch on the power, power light 1 is on, turn emergency stop button 3 on the control panel in the arrow direction.
b. Press start button 2,pushing the case by hand, then the belt drives it to seal automatically

Characteristic and strong point:

a. Driven by the top motor & left and right belt at the bottom.
b. Suitable for a little heavier thing.

Power: 1φ110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz 600W
Cartons size: L(150-∞)×W(120-480)×H(120-480)mm3
Work speed: 30cartons/min
Tape material: Kraft or BOPP
Tape size: 48~72(mm)
Machine size: L(1150)×W(890)×H(1280)mm3
Packing size (Normal): L(1200)×W(1050)×H(1435)mm3
Net weight: 200kg
Gross weight (Normal): 250Kg
Gross weight (Disassembly): 230Kg
Option: Extension roller table: L(500)

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