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 SUZHOU ( CHINA ) SUNSHINE HARDWARE & EQUIPMENT IMP. & EXP. CO. LTD  (OFFSHORE COMPANY: PRECISE SOURCING LIMITED). is a leading Chinese material handling equipment manufacturer and supplier of high quality material handling products and industrial machinery equipment such as Racking , Shelving , Conveyor , Forklift , Stacker , Pallet truck , Packing machinery & etc.


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Diesel Forklift
Diesel Forklift
For more than 30 years, SUNSHINE Has played a leading role in the manufacture and production of Chinese forklift industry. We constantly strive to develop and incorporate the latest advanced in forklift design and technology to ensure that our products provide an optimum level of performance, all the time. Our new generation R series of forklifts truly exemplifies this commitment to excellence.
Economy pallet truck
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  • Contact Person: Richard Zhu